Crossing The Finish Line

If the last four weeks and the prior seven years have taught me anything, it is this: grief is a process. At times, it is messy, always unwelcome, and often unpredictable. Grieving is a process of becoming, after loss. When we are in the midst of pain we can and do end up forgetting that. I know I have. Continue reading

When The Best You Can Do Is Breathe

I am on a journey, for which there is no map. Others have walked similar routes, but none has been quite the same, nor will they be. I am trying to record what I am learning as I make my way through this journey, but there is only so much I can share. On a day when feelings have come out sideways, as four letter words, I offer this. I don’t pretend to speak for anybody else with these words, they are simply my notes. Continue reading

Five Benefits of Connecting With Casey Bottono on Facebook

  1. It will help you advance your writing dreams.

If you like my Facebook author page between now and New Year’s Eve, I am running a giveaway. You can be in with a chance of winning a copy of No Plot, No Problem, to help you get a start on your novel in 2015.

2. You will be able to stay up to date with what I am working on.

I post here once a week at best, but my Facebook author page is where the latest news will always be. I like to keep in touch and stay connected with my fans.

3. You can get involved with what I’m working on.

A lot of writers would have you believe that we’re solitary creatures, never happier than when we’re pecking at keyboards or devouring others’ literary masterpieces. For me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m happy when I’m working, and happy when I’m reading. I’m happier still when I know there are people behind me! From time to time, I’ll ask a question of my fans, and you’ll be able to have input in what I’m writing.

4. You can connect with the people I admire in the world of writing.

One of the joys of being a writer and being online is the opportunity to network with other great writers. I’d like to introduce you to the work of those who have lit my path and inspired me. That’s another reason why we should connect on Facebook.

5, I will be eternally grateful.

To a writer, as to any artist, a ‘like’ is an acknowledgement that their work means something. By choosing to allow my updates into your newsfeed, you are saying that you value what I do. There is no higher praise.

If you’ve already ‘liked’ me on Facebook, why not share this post to spread the word? I look forward to connecting with you. 

Thanks for giving me a moment of your day.