Celebrating Writing Milestones

It’s a good writing day. My WIP and I are getting on like a house on fire. With last.fm in the background, I feel practically unstoppable. That said, I know the words won’t always come this easily.  Continue reading

Community News

It feels like I haven’t written in a lifetime. Ideas have come and gone faster than I could catch them. I’ve been filling the days that are no longer full of words with community building.

I’ve learned hard lessons in four years of online presence about community building – I think this time I’m getting close to having cracked it, though.

Why? Today, this happened!

200 likes200 fans on my little Facebook page. Something I never imagined would happen, if I’m honest.

Looking forward to the day when the words flow more freely, so that I can create more to share with you.

Until then, you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to see what I’m enjoying online at the moment.