The Restorative Power of Music

guitar music black and white

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Eleven years ago, I missed a trick. Richard Thompson, former member of Fairport Convention and guitarist extraordinaire, was playing in Falmouth. Alongside many other happenings in 2007, this entirely passed me by. I’d berated myself ever since, thinking that I had missed my chance.

On Friday 10th August, Richard Thompson treated the Princess Theatre in Torquay to a stunning show, and I had the great privilege of being there.

Richard’s set included a powerful mix of old favourites alongside tracks from the forthcoming 13 Rivers album, due out on the 14th of September via Proper Records.

Sharing in that experience reminded me why I play, and why I write. Creativity is a gift to be shared, not something to be hoarded until we can’t share it any more.

From where I was sitting, it seemed as though Richard Thompson was having the time of his life. Playful guitar solos and quickfire humour punctuated much of the show, after support act David Keenan got stuck in traffic.

Personal highlights included Richard’s stellar performance of ‘Take Care The Road You Choose’ from the 2007 Sweet Warrior album.



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