Everything is Practice

I am really enjoying blogging again, knee deep though I am in work that I cannot yet share. I recently had the pleasure of a Burst into Bloom coaching session with Mary Lunnen, whose work has inspired me since I first attended a workshop with her a couple of years ago at a local Mind, Body and Spirit event.

Though our conversation was intensely personal, I wanted to talk today about something that I have taken away from it and continue to use in my day to day life. Mary and I talked at length about how ‘Everything is a practice: meditation, writing, art…’

I am slowly learning that no matter what your creative practice is, letting it fall by the wayside is bound to make you feel very out of sorts. To reconnect with a creative practice is to reconnect with ourselves, on some subtle level.

The effect of my recent work with Mary has been more subtle, but I am finding it easier to commit to practices and stick to them, knowing that a creative practice is above anything else an act of self-love.

Until the end of August 2018, Mary is offering Burst into Bloom coaching sessions at a rate of £20 per 20 minute session. If this is something that feels like it might be right for you, you can find more information here.


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