I’m in the midst of Tell It, an e-course by Liz Lamoreux. Today’s prompt invited us to explore the notion of gentleness, or ‘gentle’, and what that means to us.


A hug in the right place
From the right person
Can heal old wounds
Or be salve to the fresh wounds of existence

Such gentleness
Creates space for a truth otherwise hidden
That spills out sideways
Through the averted gaze

We each have truths that demand to be heard
Stifled through years of half-existence
Coaxed from hiding by an inner knowing

This is it, the time and the person
The place where truth will be heard and held
The heart at last humbled and healed

It could take years, or lifetimes
But eventually, it must happen.


One comment on “Emerging

  1. Tara_Windwalker says:

    as always … wonderful writing … impacts to the Soul level. Awhile ago, after someone hugged me, I thought about how I felt before and after the hug … refreshed and recharged. It was as if the hug was a “time-out” for me: a brief moment where I released burdens and pain and felt peace. hugs, my friend


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