Waiting on Grace

The past nine years have been a journey of epic proportions, as they say. Fortunately, I can now glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. This is my fourth Poem-A-Day for April, and my favourite so far.

Waiting on Grace

Grace found me at last
It is so rare that she comes when called
Rather, she sneaks in unnoticed
Driving out pain to make her home
In space once colonised by grief

In the light of that Grace
I glimpse the truth
These walls were those I built myself
Steadily they begin to crumble.

Going forward, I know the choice is mine alone
I shall carry just what I need
Pain has taught me well, but I step out in Joy
Keen to embrace all that lies ahead.


3 comments on “Waiting on Grace

  1. Jibby says:

    Casey, I really love this poem. It speaks to my own struggles very fittingly.


  2. Karen Harvey says:

    I love this poem. Time to move forward.

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