My third April poem-a-day.


Easing day by day into a new life
This time, I am in control
No longer ruled by moments
And memories I cannot change.

A smile comes, unbidden
It is no longer alien, nor effortful
Staring down the days
I would rather sleep through.

I bear witness to my own evolution
And surrender to the process.

One comment on “Evolution

  1. Tara_Windwalker says:

    so few words that sum up an incredible journey from loss, grief, disappointment, sadness, hesitation, life hiccups, and on and on … You are so very gifted. I was wondering if you would use this poem as song lyrics. I’m so proud of you, my friend. I know your journey has been difficult but you faced it. You have given me so much hope that my journey will see signs of evolution, too. hugs


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