In Honour of World Poetry Day

Today marks World Poetry Day. In celebration, I am sharing one of my favourite writings. I composed this piece in honour of my dear friend Freddie Kemp, and read it at his memorial. I am slowly living up to the laudable goal I set for myself.

One Day Soon

One day, soon
I will pick up my pen
Or perhaps poise fingers over keyboard
And the words will flow

I will find a way to express
The depth of this pain
The paradoxical grief
For he is not ‘gone’, he is free


Except for this: freedom, in the early days
Feels a lot like absence
Not quite ready to accept
That this was the only way
He would ever be free

I should have said more
Taken more time, spent more time
Now there is nothing but time
But it is time without him

Time without the one who made us laugh
Who inspired us to be more than we might otherwise have been
Demonstrated the real meaning of rising above
To become ten times the person any of us could ever hope to be

One day soon, I will find the words
To show how much I loved him
To speak of the depth of the loss
To celebrate, rather than mourn…

One day, soon.



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