Lessons From Writing Raw

The last day of 2015 ended auspiciously for me, as WritingRaw accepted an essay I wrote in 2012. The essay was conceived in January 2012, as a response to a call by The Ilanot Review on the theme of Sacred Words.

Reading the brief, I knew exactly what I had to write…even if it was hard. Especially if it was hard – I’ve written extensively about my friendship with Chris, my Argentinian friend with whom I bonded over the music of George Harrison. Up to that point, there was one aspect I hadn’t really explored in any detail.

Given that the other aspect of my friendship with Chris revolved around deepening my knowledge of the Hindu faith, I had never written about the spiritual element of our relationship. Amongst many other things we discussed, our conversations sometimes took on the tone of Satsang – ‘fellowship with truth’. She explained a lot about the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu holy book, and I came to understand how important it was to her.

In weaving the article that became ‘Sacred Words between Online Friends’, I forced myself to face some of the emotions that I hadn’t yet fully explored. Drafting and redrafting the article allowed me to work through my grief in ways that I hadn’t previously considered. Each time I read the piece aloud and my voice shook, I realised that I was moving closer to a time when I’d read it aloud and my voice wouldn’t shake.

Writing in this vulnerable way encouraged me to believe that there is nothing wrong with facing things through writing. I have continually preached the gospel of writing to deal, without being entirely comfortable with the process myself. #

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2 comments on “Lessons From Writing Raw

  1. another wonderful article. I caught myself sighing and nodding, at the same time, when I read the last words … a sign that the words resonated with me. I know it was difficult for you but I’m glad that you found a silver lining. You taught me something today … no, actually, you reminded me of something. I gave up writing poetry when my life got out of hand … too scared to face the problems while seeing them on paper. Hopefully, I will get back to that. thank you and hugs, my friend


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