Thriller author Mark Tilbury reviews ‘Stones in the Road’

I’m delighted to share the latest review of Stones in the Road: Poems of Grief and Growth

Mark Tilbury writes:

This collection of poems is Casey’s journey through difficult periods of grief.

Putting words down on paper can help in many situations, and here trying to cope with her loss, Casey is eloquent and honest. Her emotions fill the pages, and at times it is quite difficult to read. There are a range of emotions. Grief, anger, but at times also some hope that life can become more manageable again.

I believe that this collection of poetry could be a useful support for people in similar places of loss and grief. I’ve seen other accounts of illness and grief written as biographies and aimed at people going through the same things. They are selling well are getting their cause more exposure. I hope this book can do the same.

Mark Tilbury is a thriller and mystery writer, who blogs regularly at his website His début novel, The Revelation Room is available now. Further details can be found on his website.


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