Latest Review of Stones in the Road

I’m delighted to feature the latest review of Stones in the Road: Poems of Grief and Growth from Laura Perna, Director of Communications at the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities.

Stones in the Road is a straight forward, no-frills contemplation on loss and grieving. This does not mean that Bottono’s collection is lacking in emotional depth; rather, her work is unflinching in its honesty, exploring in plain and accessible language the complexities of her healing process. Anger, indecision, and even brief glimpses of relief crop up as the author grasps at memories, and considers the nature of memory itself. Far from a linear path through the stages of grief, Bottono offers a meandering and genuine representation of what happens to us as we process the loss of a loved one.

Full disclosure: I coordinate the Pen 2 Paper creative writing contest, which focuses on work that treats the topic of disability. I was introduced to Bottono’s work when she submitted a poem, “Dis-Ability,” to the 2014 contest, which was ultimately selected as a finalist. Read “Dis-Ability” at