Microblog Monday: Navigating Shitty First Drafts

Many of you will be familiar with Anne Lamott’s assertion that it is perfectly OK to write ‘shitty first drafts’, as long as you clean up after yourself.

Wheels is progressing at Shitty First Draft pace, if I am honest. I’ve written the first 4000 words, and cringed through most of it. The more I write, the more I realise I have to research. Non-writers take ‘write what you know’ as gospel, but I’m beginning to think the non-writers in my life who have said that have a point.

I only have to write the first 15,000 words, but at the moment I am finding it hard to imagine that they will appear quickly. As much as I love the characters, I am less in love with the writing process.

What do you do when a project isn’t moving as quickly as you would like? Let’s talk shop in the comments.

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3 comments on “Microblog Monday: Navigating Shitty First Drafts

  1. beaucc says:

    First drafts are always the worst. Power through Casey 🙂


  2. elainemansfield says:

    I don’t know the exact focus of my next book so I’m not close to a shitty first draft. I know something is stirring and dreams make that clear, too. I’m experimenting with writing around the topic to see what comes out.
    I was driven by my need to write my first book. I hope for more of that passion now, but it’s not up to my will and ego. Creating an altar to the Muse and showing up at the keyboard.


  3. Mel says:

    I curl up in a ball and cry? I’m sort of serious. I think all writers go through times where they look critically at their work and think everything is terrible. And other times when we look at the same thing and think it looks perfect. The truth is that it’s somewhere in the middle, like every book on the bookshelf.


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