Wisdom from Anne Lamott

Since first picking up Bird by BirdSome Instruction on Writing and Life several years ago, I have adored Anne Lamott for her refreshing attitude to life itself. I found her latest essay on Facebook yesterday, when the walls of my mind felt as though they were closing in.

‘The truth is, everyone worth his or her salt–all your very best people– feel broken, stunned, overwhelmed and defection some of the time.’

– Anne Lamott, 30th May 2015

If you feel as though you are in the ring at the moment, take a look at the rest of Anne’s essay – you may find something helpful in there.

What lifts you up when you’re feeling down? Let’s talk in the comments. 


One comment on “Wisdom from Anne Lamott

  1. All of my life, music and reading have restored my Spirit; mended my Soul, when need be. I have a collection of “notes”: little scraps or full size pages of quotations, poems, and stories that hit my heart with a bang and that boost me when I read them again. I love that nano second when I realize that I have found the song I need to hear (right now): it may be on the radio; or in a TV or movie soundtrack; or I look for a song on YouTube and then find one I hadn’t known about. My Super Powers are Search and Receive. I listen. I look. I read. I am in constant Search mode. I am attuned to Receiving. I absorb. Rarely I am not lifted out of whatever has pushed me down because help is “out there”, if we but listen and look … search … but, what you hear or read is never lasting unless you open your mind to receive … that’s when your Soul kicks in and you “digest”. Maybe you, too, have the Super Powers of Search and Receive. Books and music have saved me, many a times. How grateful I am that some people have taken the time to share what they are thinking/feeling via a song or a book … because, at times, there are people, like me, who can’t express themselves properly/fully.


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