Forthcoming newsletter – I need your help!

I’m about to launch an email newsletter, but I wanted to know what you would find most interesting as a reward for signing up to the mailing list. I’d offer a monthly newsletter, plus a little something else. As I’m indecisive, I’m going to throw it over to you. What would you want to see as a reward?


One comment on “Forthcoming newsletter – I need your help!

  1. hmm … I don’t want anything except to see you succeed and be happy, so I think that I’d like to participate in setting goals for you to do, as a reward for participating in your newsletter. Perhaps, you would have to write about the funniest thing you ever did … laughed at yourself kind of thing … or we could set a goal that you would write something based on … maybe 4 words we give you … then you write a poem, song, paragraph, short story (or a novel). One good goal would be for you to do research on social media marketing … the marketing of you … so that more people can read your material. We can participate in helping you succeed through social media but we have to be educated as to how. While you learn, you can teach us. This might also open you up to being able to submit articles (and receive payment) from well known online sites. hugs I’m proud of you.


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