Today I Remember


Today marks eight years since my dear friend Chris Thomas left her body. Her friendship was among the greatest blessings that have ever been in my life. Those who say that friendships which are solely online are in some way lesser most likely never knew somebody like Chris.

She gave time and her knowledge freely, almost every night, as we talked about George Harrison, music, and her faith. After all, it was faith that we would both come to lean on in the difficult days ahead.

Today, my thoughts are with her dear children and husband, as they remember. I will always be grateful for having experienced that friendship and the joy that Chris gave.

In her honour, I have made a new recording of the title poem from Stones in the Road: Poems of Grief and Growth.

Digital copies of the book can be purchased here for just £1.50 each. Proceeds go to METAvivor, the only charity currently directing 100% of their funding towards research into Stage IV breast cancer. Stage IV is the only point at which breast cancer is fatal.


2 comments on “Today I Remember

  1. hugs, my friend … 8 years remembering and bringing the life of Chris Thomas to those who didn’t get a chance to know her, virtually or in real life. A wonderful memorial. I loved the last few words the best. They seem to have embedded themselves within my skin … my Soul. As I have said before, you write powerfully.


  2. Emily la Grange says:

    Such a beautiful poem Casey, I feel for your loss. I have to agree that friendships online can be very powerful and it sounds like you met a real gem of a friend. Sending much love x


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