Since finishing the first round of Megan Devine’s 30-day grief writing course around two weeks ago, I have found returning to ordinary writing more difficult than I would have expected. I am continuing to make progress at a greatly reduced pace with Operation Gold Watch, although my crisis of confidence is still preventing me from working with the other project I have briefly mentioned here.

If anybody had told me how difficult it would be to return to ordinary writing after that blissful period where I could give time to my grief and not feel guilty for it, I would not have believed them. In retrospect, I feel I should have known. There must have been a reason why I signed up for the second round immediately upon finding out about it. I look forward to being able to write freely again, without such painful things being my main subject.

In my absence from this space, I have very much enjoyed reading Matt Haig’s latest book, Reasons to Stay Alive. I know I’ve promised a review before, but still the words won’t quite come. They will, though, and when they do I’ll post it. Until then, I promise nothing about what you’ll find here.

I’m writing new poetry, but sitting on much of it, because it seems more appropriate for other places. Again, at some point, I will share it.

I’m curious about what’s happening in other people’s writing worlds, though. Those who write because they want to, rather than feeling like they have to. Please give me an update on what’s going on at your desk in the comments. 


One comment on “Re-entry

  1. Exploding Mary says:

    As soon as I turned off my own internal pressure to publish a novel fast, my stories started moving along, my blogposts have started piling up (un-posted, to keep them flowing for now) and my ideas are buzzing in at twice the pace. When the time is right, I’ll share again. Importantly, this has allowed me to see that there were kinds of writing, kinds of art, I’m no longer interested in producing at this time, but that i was forcing myself to work at– for what??

    The writing process has become enjoyable again.


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