Cause For Celebration


The past few weeks have not been without challenges, first on an emotional level, and subsequently on a physical level. Although it is no excuse, I hope that goes some way towards explaining the silence here.

I have been taking some time to attend to my feelings by working with Megan Devine, through her 30 day Writing Your Grief e-course. This continues to be a very beneficial practice, as it has allowed me to think through aspects of my grief I had previously been reluctant to explore in any depth.

Thanks to the variety provided by the prompts and the safety of the framework, I am able to spend a little time throughout each day directly exploring how I am feeling.

This was my gift to myself after the loss of Fred. Other gifts have emerged from past losses, and one of these bore fruit today.

Five years ago, Lauren Muscarella approached me and asked whether I would contribute an article to her Trauma2Art project. At the time, inspired by Muscarella, I had just founded Navigating Cyberloss, a site dedicated to providing support for individuals grieving the loss of online friends. I jumped at the opportunity to work with Lauren to craft my story into something that might interest her audience, and bring attention to the topic that I came to call ‘cyberloss’.

My article told the story of my friendship with an Argentinian woman who loved George Harrison’s music just as much as I do, if not more. Chris Thomas taught me a lot about life and the best way to face difficulties. ‘Dealing With The Loss of an Online Friendship’, which appears in Alice’s Law: Honouring Lost Loved Ones and Finding Deeper Meaning, released today, marks my first attempt to put what Chris taught me about life and love into words.

You can find out more about Muscarella’s book, and order your copy here. It was an honour to be involved with the project, and also to be asked to provide an advance review. Alice’s Law is a testament to what it means to live wholly after loss, and make a path through the broken pieces.

If you wish to buy the book:

Have you ever found support through loss from alternative means? Will you be buying a copy of Alice’s LawHonouring Lost Loved Ones and Finding Deeper Meaning? Let’s talk in the comments. 


2 comments on “Cause For Celebration

  1. elainemansfield says:

    Celebration time is here! I’m so glad you have a piece in this publication and also glad you’re taking Megan’s class. So many find it helpful.
    When I think of George Harrison, I hear “My Sweet Lord” in my head. Of course there are other great songs, but we played and danced to this over and over again.
    I don’t see a link to ‘Alice’s Law’, but I’ll look for it.
    Thanks for remembering me this week. I take off on Friday morning early. Not sure what I’ll find there, but I know there will be love.


    • Oh, that’s an oversight on my part. Thanks for pointing it out so gently. I will edit the post.

      ‘My Sweet Lord’ got me through my dear friend Chris’ transition…and it was one way she let me know she was still ‘around’. 🙂 So, it’s a special song to me too.

      Wishing you peace and strength as you navigate these days. My thoughts will be with you, my friend.

      Take care,



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