Why you should still love Roald Dahl in your twenties

I’m at a loss for words of my own at the moment, but really enjoyed this post from Louise Williams. Hope you do too…let me know what you think in the comments!

Everyone knows who Roald Dahl is. And I can guarantee almost everyone reminisces about their childhood when you think about his books.Being full of imagination and often written from the point of view of the child, Roald Dahl’s books are perfect for children.

I loved his books when I was growing up. Recently I went to collect a box of books I still had stored at my Mums house. Books I knew I wouldn’t read again for a long time, most likely until I have children to read them to. But they were books I was fond of and didn’t want to simply throw away. Most of these books were by Roald Dahl.

Living in a tiny city centre flat doesn’t allow us to keep things ‘just because I used to like them’. I’ve had to teach myself to be ruthless when it comes to hoarding but when it came to these…

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