An Excuse Not To Write, In Writing

Today was not a good writing day. I started several projects, but failed to find the spark. When I finally did, it was nothing to do with what I had originally intended on writing.

An Excuse Not To Write, In Writing

I claim my crown – I am writer!
Soon, I give in to confusion and misdirection
I am a writer who spends her time
Looking for excuses to do anything, but write.

My computer desk was clean
Now it isn’t – everyday clutter turns writing haven
Into perpetual cleaning nightmare
I know I can’t work like this
And yet, nothing changes.

So busy am I catching butterflies in jam jars
Anxious lest they should make a break
For the freedom sought by everyone but me

I am safest and happiest with pen in hand
Nowhere to be but fictional lands
Everyday life, they say it’s such fun
But for us poor writers, every word’s hard won.

This week’s writing has included turning Little Red Riding Hood into a moody teenager, and formulating plans for my forthcoming author website. I’m not quite sure yet what you’ll see there, but chances are it will be more focused than this.

Meanwhile, speak to me of your processes. I want to know what a typical writing day is for you, what keeps you from the page against your will. What do you do to engage your writerly brain?


One comment on “An Excuse Not To Write, In Writing

  1. SarahClare says:

    My typical writing day consists of snatching moments between shifts to tippy tap on the keyboard!

    The only way I can engage my writerly brain is a stern talking to. I have to bribe it…

    Good luck with the author website etc! 🙂


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