Why ‘Stones in the Road’?

Hi, friends.

I hope you are well. I wanted to write a series of posts elaborating on aspects of the Stones in the Road project which might be of interest. Though the subtitle is perhaps self explanatory, the title itself is not.

Back in 2006, I came to know a woman in Argentina through a George Harrison fan forum. Although we never had the opportunity to meet in person, we became very close, talking on a nightly basis via MSN Messenger. Looking back, it amazes me that kind of closeness was possible in the days before widespread social media, and even before Skype.

My friend Chris was very open, in that she shared her thoughts and feelings with us whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Amongst many pearls, one particular line has always stayed with me from Chris’ public postings.

Due to the sad fact that the forum where we communicated is no more, these messages have disappeared into the ether, so I no longer remember exactly when this exchange occurred.

Her words have never left me, though. Another member asked after her, and she replied with the words ‘What are friends for? They’re there to help us cope with the stones in the road.’

That quote would come to take on new meaning in the months that followed, particularly after Chris died as a result of her illness. I only later learned that not all breast cancer is equal, and metastatic disease is the only point at which it claims lives. Finally, I am able to use my gift to help people, with your help, my friends.

If not for Chris’ unwavering support of my creativity, the poems within Stones in the Road would not exist. Though the bulk of them emerge from yet another experience, the title remains applicable.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey. You can keep up to date with Stones in the Road on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter for more or less live updates as the project develops. If you know anybody who might be interested, please share this post, and spread the word far and wide.

Next week: Why METAvivor?



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